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Standard Signs Contractors Ltd.Standard Signs Contractors Ltd.Standard Signs Contractors Ltd.

Standard Signs Contractors Ltd.

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Standard Signs Contractors Ltd.Standard Signs Contractors Ltd.Standard Signs Contractors Ltd.

About us

About us

Our commitment is built on the foundation of our vision and mission of becoming a regional leader. Download Our Company Profile

Our Vision

To be the leading Engineering services and signage provider in the Great lakes region.

Our Mission

To promote and facilitate the development of individuals and firms into strong, successful world class organisations by enhancing their image through quality engineering services, branding, sign manufacturing, equipment and material supplies.

Our core values

Our core values are; Quality, Creativity, Innovation, Professionalism, Flexibility, Effective customer service and  Timely delivery.


When it comes to the provision of building & civil engineering services and signage, standard and quality are considered our names.

Creativity and Innovation

We always reward our customers by giving them support at all times and offering them a high level of creativity and innovation because they made us to become what we are today. They have truly set the pace for our growth and development. And therefore, they are the reason we exist.


One important principle we always use in our business is to engage committed professional staff and supervise them closely to ensure they deliver our customers expectations. We identify and employ natural talents to serve and ensure the levels of our customers’ satisfaction are met.


Flexibility is one good motivating factor we give to our clients. We serve our clients while considering flexibility in pricing, time factor, change of design and other specifications.

Effective Customer Service and  Timely Delivery.

It is our responsibility to ensure that our customers are served instantly and their orders are delivered in time.

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